art for the conscious souls......created with consciousness

Art was always somehow part of my life. For decades I ignored, my calling and tried to "fit in". But more and more I had to realise that this sick society we are living in, I do not want to fit in anymore. 

So I decided to go all in, and left a corporate job, and just startet to create my artwork. 

Things you need to know about me and my art: 

I do not create Artwork to fit in the color scheme of your living room

I am not part of the "in crowd" so you will not see me at an art show waving a glas of Champagne and try to sound super clever about the artwork on display.

My studio is not one of these instagram "Barbie Like" rooms, where girls in clean white dresses create nice looking artworks. If you come to my studio you more likely have to be careful not falling over a tin filled with color

I am a total disaster for any social media manager, as I do not have this tidy in one color scheme created instagram or social media account. If you follow me there, you will get a taste of a real world artist. Dirty hands, dirty clothes, messed up studio and all forms of energies. And I will go off "topic"when I need to tell you something, what has nothing to do with a painting I create.
Sounds like real life or?

So, anyway, I think with the text I already messed up every marketing rule in the world. 

If so, I thank myself...